The Importance Of Clean Teen Care

The Importance Of Clean Teen Care

The teenage years are also akin to adolescence, a phase where a child makes the transition into becoming a young adult. This period of their lives is where they will begin to experience changes in their bodies and some, their first signs of pimples. It is also very likely that, as they seem to be moving from the known to the unknown and adjusting to the several demands of adolescence, they may not pay much attention to the products they use. For some of them, when the pimples and other puberty signs begin to surface, they want to grab any skin product in the store, as long as it promises them great skin relief—forgetting that toxic products also come in appealing packaging. Well, if you are a teen reading this, then you are already several steps ahead of getting it right, and if you are a parent to a teenager or have one that you look out for, then the information shared here is sufficient for your teenagers' care.

How To Avoid Chemicals That Interfere With Hormonal Functioning

Childhood is a carefree time in the life of an individual, a time when you can have most things done for you, which isn’t a bad idea after all—Until the teenage years start knocking on your door and demand that you begin to train yourself to take responsibility for your personal care. One of the basic body care rules you should know is that synthetic chemicals that you are exposed to daily, from fragrances, antibacterial soaps, can disrupt the proper function of the hormones in your body. As a young guy, here are ways to avoid these chemicals and live healthily.

Completely minimize inhaling fragrances

Dear teen, the cosmetics and body care industry have achieved so much in ensuring the right body products are available to you, and there are still great body products out there. However, you need to be aware of some of the risks you are susceptible to in some of these body products that contain fragrance, and that is because most companies claim that the formulas used in making the fragrance are a trade secret. When you see a product that contains phthalates (it is usually found in fragrance and will interfere with your hormones), avoid it totally, and instead use fragrance-free body products or products using essential oils like these.

What Do You Drink And Eat

At your growing age, we know there is a tendency to want to eat anything that tastes great from packaged foods, processed chicken, etc. We strongly advise that you eat as many organic foods and whole foods as you can because they are conventionally grown and healthier. Also, drink a lot of water; it will help your skin stay radiant, and when you have to drink tap water, ensure it is certified clean. This way, you will reduce the effects of unwanted chemicals in your body.

Take A Pass On Toxins!

Yes, you have to choose to pass on the toxins because they are harmful to your body. Toxins are in synthetic chemicals, pollutants, processed foods, and your underarm contains lymph glands that pass out toxins as a natural way of cleansing the armpit. It clearly shows that you should not be using toxic deodorants and antiperspirants, as they’ll disrupt the natural process of toxin release. Instead, you can use natural sprays that contain essential oils and magnesium, that is a more healthy way to reduce the armpit odours.

We know what it feels like to be a teenager because we have been where you are, but we did not have this much information on what to avoid. We are committed to your personal care, and you can trust us for more updates on what to do to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

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